Why hire us?

Digital solutions that works for you

With clients from diverse industries spread across the nation, we are one of the fastest growing web development agencies in Wisconsin. We do not transact with our customers, we build relationships.

Meticulous Planning

Our planning is focused both on the goals of our clients and the success of their marketing. We move our attention to the needs of our clients by highlighting their goals to promote the identity of products and services of our clients.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our experienced staff are committed to give the best customer service in the industry. From your first call to our office to the completion of your project you'll be 100 % satisfied you made the right choice.

Perfect Execution

With a plan in motion we stand with our clients until the end. Once our clients are fully satisfied is when the project has reached completion.

Completion On Time

All projects from start to finished will be assured to meet each deadline. We use the goals and objectives of our clients as our guidelines to assure timely results. For additional and rushed work we have the answers as well.

Our Services

Urban Echo offers a full spectrum of services to help small and medium businesses to work better. We help business have a web presence, reach more customers, automate processes and help them grow. Here’s how:

Web Design

An online presence is so important in business today. To not have it is to be invisible. Social media and website content work for you while you sleep. We have great packages to get you started with your new websites.


Our website maintenance program make sure your website is running 24/7 so that you have peace of mind. The packages are so affordable, you won't even feel the pinch.


Search engine optimizations help you get found on the web by your customers. We have an effective SEO strategy that builds your rank with search engines by using everything that the pros uses.


We can help you sell products by creating a modern ecommerce platform that engages your customers and increases conversions. You would be getting everything needed to sell products online!


A brand is more than just a logo. It’s the message and mission of your company. It’s the “why” in what you do. It inspires loyalty.


Our marketing strategy will improve your brand recognition and awareness, creates loyalty and trust, with both your current and prospective customers, helps you to build authority and credibility at the same time developing lasting relationships with your audience.


Stunning visuals can boost your brand and make you a contender. Skimping on high quality artwork can make you look like an amateur when you are a pro. Our in-house studio and array of models can fulfill any of your requirements.

Custom Programming

Using software design principles and industry coding standards, our programmers can transform your idea into a functional product. Our team works together with you to design the application and then transform it into a working solution. This ensures your custom programming solution does exactly what you need it to do.

Social Media

Utilizing online resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram and many more to promote products and services and improve marketing.

We develop custom applications

In today’s highly competitive market, we at Urban Echo LLC realize that streamlining processes and optimizing employees is key to your success. Applications development that removes redundant tasks from your employee’s lists, so that they can do the things that only humans are good at is a key to that competitive edge.

Industries we serve

Every industry has a distinct set of characteristics inherent to it. We at Urban Echo have a depth of specialized experience across these industries. These are just some of the sectors we service.


Create completely customizable eCommerce platform for your business  that go beyond the confines of traditional eCommerce solutions, and be limited only by your own imagination. You can sell anything from physical products, digital downloads, subscriptions, content or even appointments.


As a manufacturing company, you need a website that clearly exhibits your innovation and technological expertise to inspire prospects to contact to your sales team. Whether you’re designing a new website or making user-focused updates to your existing site, our expertise can help you solidify your brand recognition, speak to your target audience and make the next step a no-brainer.


Urban Echo understands biotech! With its founder sitting on one of the forefront research labs, the MMTP, and as a co-founder of Ascendance Biomed, our passion for improving the quality of human life through Senolytic research, gene therapy, and stem cell technologies is unmatched in the digital marketing realm.