We at Urban Echo, a creative web design agency located in Fond du lac, Wisconsin work with every client to create functional and eye catching websites, create professional photographs, help clients to market products, and build brands all while continuing our quest for excellence. At Urban Echo we are passionate about promoting small business. We offer a free “discovery phase” consultation so we can get to know you and your business. We will attempt to learn everything we can about your current situation to offer the best advice possible!

Our passion is to provide innovative, highly functional, visually appealing and feature-rich websites and graphics. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of creative and technical excellence. Our clients can expect the best customer service and professionalism from the experienced, dedicated, and talented staff at Urban Echo. 

We design and build websites that enable businesses to grow. We firmly believe that in order to grow a business, it’s important to have a strong, professional digital presence which begins with an engaging, up-to-date website. In order to have an engaging, up-to-date website, the site itself must be easy to update and expand. In our experience designing B2B websites, we’ve determined that WordPress is one of the easiest and most diverse website content management systems or CMS.

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“High expectations are the key to everything” – Sam Walton

What sets one competitor apart from the rest? Constant process improvement, of course! How does a manufacturer become competitive? Automated processes naturally. How better to improve these processes than with customized software programming. Let us evaluate your business with a free consultation. Ask us about our “Raptor” package. We can streamline your operations and place you above the rest!

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“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than trying to solve them” – Henry Ford

What is really killing business for the retail brick and mortar store? You guessed it, the internet! Fight fire with fire with your own online digital strategy! Our killer combination of branding, positioning and CRM( Customer Relationship Management) solutions deliver a one-two punch that puts your business on par with the likes of Amazon and Walmart. Instead of just offering your products to the local market, we can position you in front of high end markets world-wide. 

Ask us about our “Eagle” package. Your business will be glad you did!

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“It has become part of the accepted wisdom to say that the twentieth century was the century of physics and the twenty first will be the century of biology” – Freeman Dyson

Biotech is the next big wave of technology. Statisticians and futurists claim it will supercede the computer industry and promises to be the largest consumer market in the world by the year 2029. Here at Urban Echo, we are passionate about promoting this new science. We are committed to providing this industry with the kind of marketing and brand support that will propel your biotech startup or established lab to new heights in sales, revenue and recognition. We have a technical scientific advisory board that can help write, review, and edit technical content. 

Urban Echo understands biotech! With its founder sitting on one of the forefront research labs, the MMTP, and as a co-founder of Ascendance Biomed, our passion for improving the quality of human life through Senolytic research, gene therapy, and stem cell technologies is unmatched in the digital marketing realm.

Urban Echo will soon launch a blog formatted e-magazine called Longevity Plus (L+). Watch for it.

biotech industry
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