What is mobile responsiveness?

Mobile responsiveness is a term used to describe websites that are programmed to adapt the content of a web page based on the size of the screen. This means that when a user opens a web page on their desktop or laptop, the page will be set to show the content in a manner that utilizes the full screen of the browser window. The mobile responsiveness displays that same page slightly differently on a tablet or a phone in order to make the page look good on any of the devices.

Why Is Mobile Responsiveness Important?

In November 2016, mobile devices exceeded desktop for internet usage for the first time worldwide. This shows that the trend for potential visitors to your site are now statistically more likely to view your site on a phone than on a personal computer. And this trend doesn’t appear to be decreasing, as can be seen on the website for the analytics company, StatCounter. These statistics alone reveal how important it is to have a responsive website. You could have the most visually pleasing, user-friendly web page to be loaded on a web browser; but without any mobile responsiveness, the same page may look bad or cause a bad user experience. The reverse is also true; an amazingly aesthetic and user-friendly mobile website can look awful on a desktop or be a terrible experience for your user, and some customers that use a phone to find your site may wish to use their desktop to actively use it and so responsive design is essential.

Mobile responsiveness increases SEO

Because Google is the most popular search engine by a far margin, they largely determine of what search engine optimization (SEO) consists. Besides relevant content across a website, Google highly favors mobile responsive websites. The major reasons that Google prefers mobile responsiveness is that the old method of using different pages to make up a mobile site increases the amount of indexing necessary and that mobile responsiveness provides better user experience across devices.

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