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The cost of your website is determined by many factors. The type of website that you are asking for, how many pages, and what functionality all help determine the price. Do you need E-Commerce capabilities? Websites with shopping carts generally start at $2999, depending on how many items you are selling and if the items need UPC codes etc. Also, if content needs to be developed or if you already have content and photos or videos, are all taken into consideration when determining price.

We first do an initial consultation, to determine the result the client wants to achieve with the site. We have them talk about their business hurdles and how an engineered custom designed software solution or website solution will help them automate marketing processes, or business processes to obtain efficiency and efficacy in their organization. We have them fill out a questionnaire and site map worksheet to determine the basic structure of the site. If the customer wishes to proceed, we write a proposal, and mail it to the customer to get their signature. A detailed schedule and payment plan are outlined in the proposal. We then proceed to start building your custom site.

The design process is variable. Many of the factors determining time are dependent on the complexity and features that need to be built into the site. If content is provided by the customer, the site can be completed more rapidly. If content needs to be developed, it can add a month or more onto the process. A typical site with content needed, may take up to 2 months. An E-Commerce site may take up to 3 – 4 months to develop, depending on how complex it is.

Our perfect client is any business or non-profit organization that wants to effectively market and automate it’s operations. We deal in the  manufacturing, education, retail and biotechnology sectors. We typically work with clients who do not have an in-house marketing department, but need web development and marketing services. 

We typically work with WordPress sites, but also use Shopify, SquareSpace, Wix, Drupal, and Joomla.

We offer suggestions based on your project for all hosting and domain name options. All hosting is provided as part of your web development package.

WordPress is versatile, customizable , user friendly, and very adaptable for any type of business website. It really is a content management system that allows a business owner to maintain their own website without having to rely on their web masters on a daily basis. Whether building a site for yourself, or building one for someone else you can be sure that WordPress is the right choice. It can be as complex or simple as you want it to be.

Even large corporations like Mercedes-Benz, Yahoo, Sony and Walt Disney uses WordPress for their sites.

We have professional writers and photographers at our disposal to help you, should you not have content for your site. We also have a video editor and an animator to serve our clients. The cost of writing content comes at an additional cost.

We offer discounts for complete payment upfront, or we can break your payments up into 2, 3 or 4 parts.

Yes! We give clients the option to edit their own content, or we have monthly maintenance plans available starting at $20/month to have us maintain your content updates for you.

Yes! You own the content, domain, pictures and video.

We can do custom photography, stock image purchases, or PhotoShop editing for your existing photos.

We provide custom solutions to businesses

We are always available to talk with you